Create simple maps that represent your brand.

Pull your data from a Google Sheet, style your map & share engaging maps in minutes.

Create your map in seconds

Choose a theme or add your brand color

Select from beautiful pre-designed themes and or apply your brand's color palette.

Map your Google sheet data

We'll take your Google Sheet data and map it in seconds.

Coming Soon

Display custom data on your map

Include supporting data in your Google sheet add it to your markers.

Share, export or embed your map

Share a link to your map, embed it in your site, or export images for your marketing material.

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Simple options
1 map
50 data points
Default Themes
Powered by Mappied branding
3 maps
1,000 data points
Brand colors in map
Branding removed
10 maps
2000 data points
Brand colors in map
Branding removed
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Get in touch
10+ maps
2000+ data points
Custom map styling
Custom branding